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What To Do, When You Don't Know What To Do

Uncategorized Aug 11, 2018

We’ve all experienced that moment when the unexpected happens. The universe drops a bomb on you, punching through the idyllic serenity of you going about your life. In an instant everything changes. You may or may not see it coming, but it stuns you nonetheless. Surprises have the power to stop you in your tracks.

Whatever the event - the loss of a job, the sudden end of the relationship with the person you thought was “the one”, the shocking medical diagnosis, or the dreaded midnight phone call bringing life-changing news – the sudden impact of unwelcome change can leave you confused and at a loss for where to turn and what to do. So what do you do, when you don’t know what to do?

Slow Down

When the world feels like it’s crashing down around you, it’s easy to rush into panic mode. That ever-present fight or flight instinct rears its head and the only choices you can see are to run away or fight. Before blindly...

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What is Leadership?

leadership Jun 10, 2018

Leadership brings a tangible difference to what we do that goes beyond managing or organizing. I remember a manager that I had who also was a true leader. What I mean by lead is that she would get people pumped up on an emotional level. People who were lackluster and checked out became motivated and engaged under this leader. She transmitted the idea to the team that she actually cared about the group she was leading - That the journey was not a solo one, but that as a team we would win or lose.

Her ability to step into a dumpster fire of a situation, where the culture of the division had been one of secrecy and backbiting, and to gain trust quickly and effectively is something that has inspired me to want to lead like that. She made me want to become a better sales rep, better manager, and better leader based on the tangible learnings and daily example she set for the team. In one year, she made headway that none of her predecessors had and brought a divisive team...

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5 Leadership Lessons From a World-Class Team

leadership May 27, 2018

I’m grateful for the amazing leadership team I get to work with. I landed my first job at 15 years old and I’ve seen my share of good and bad coworkers during that time. The team I am a now part of is the most collaborative, get-it-done group of empowered women I’ve had the pleasure of working with. There’s no ego, no competition, and no drama. We pull together and focus on the success of the business. We are a group from different backgrounds and experiences, yet we all bring significant strengths to the table. I love that I get to learn something new from this awesome team every day. Here are some of my favorite lessons I’ve taken away so far:

  1. Always Wear Your Lipstick:  Whether in front of your team, peers, or customers, be buttoned up. Pay attention to the small details. Always be polished, professional, and on point – your appearance creates an impression that once established, is tough to shake. Dress to meet and exceed expectations,...
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Execution: The Great Idea Killer

Uncategorized May 27, 2018

The world is full of brilliant companies packed with brilliant employees who are bursting with brilliant ideas. Maybe you work for one of these brilliant enterprises. So, why does it feel like nothing ever gets done?

“You don’t make progress by standing on the sidelines, whimpering, and complaining. You make progress by implementing ideas.”  ~ Shirley Chisholm

Ideas are needed if you’re going to create change, but even the best ideas are worthless if they can’t be converted into action. It’s a sad truth that implementation is where many good ideas go to die.

Great ideas don’t get off the ground for many reasons:

Failure to Link an Idea to Company Strategy:

A company’s strategy states the overarching direction of the business. The company’s budgetary and tactical resources align with the strategy, thus a viable idea must map to the company’s strategy and ultimately drive the company closer to...

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To Lead Effectively, First Check Your Baggage

leadership May 27, 2018

A little over ten years ago, I went through what became known in our household as the Lost Year. Seriously, it was worst period of my life: I was in the middle of a brutally contentious divorce, the money was running out, and people who I thought were friends vanished from the landscape overnight. I also had two young children that needed guidance through the storm.

The situation got so bad, I became convinced the entire universe was conspiring against me. I began to wither under the pressure of ceaseless fear and doubt. To add to the insanity, I was desperately trying to keep a start-up business afloat with a team of 20 employees.

“Leadership is practiced not so much in words an in attitude and actions.”  ~ Harold S. Geneen

Team members began expressing their own fear and uncertainty. I overheard snippets of conversation as they spoke in hushed tones among themselves and I soon understood they were very aware that the owner of the company they worked for was...

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Sell with Intention

The world is full of accidental salespeople. Unintentional selling is the path of least resistance and many of these accidental salespeople seem successful from the outside looking in. You should know that whether they’re focused or not, almost everyone has the occasional stroke of luck during their sales career. Luck runs out sooner or later when there’s no preparation to go with it.

“Our intention creates our reality.” ~ Wayne Dyer

While there are salespeople out there who seem to succeed at flying by the seat of their pants, they are the exception and not the rule. They often have a good quarter or two but soon discover that success becomes ever more elusive as they move along their career path. Consistent success is tough to achieve if you don’t have a plan.

Consistently effective salespeople sell with intention. As Richard Branson says, “A day without intention is a day wasted.” Successful salespeople understand exactly...

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The Time is Now – A Manifesto for the New Year

personal development May 27, 2018

~ This article was originally posted to LinkedIn on January 1st 2018 ~ 

It’s a brand-new year and the road that is 2018 stretches into the distance ahead, 52 weeks of blank canvas waiting for you – the creator –  to bring them to life. You have a vast array of choices before you. What shape will your life take in the year to come?

Will you paint in bold striking splashes of color, vibrant with confidence and certainty in the life you want? Or will your brush strokes be tentative, hesitant attempts held back by the need for perfection on the first try?

“For success, attitude is equally as important as ability.” ~ Walter Scott

What’s Stopping You?

“I’m not ready,” you say to yourself, “I’m too young to have credibility.” You may think you need hours upon hours of experience, a certain level of education, or the right people in your network to get started. You would give anything to have a few...

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Create a Roadmap for Success in 2018

personal development May 27, 2018

~ This article was originally posted to LinkedIn on December 26, 2017 ~ 

2018 is fast approaching and we’re entering the season of New Year’s Resolutions and fresh starts. As you strive toward both business and personal achievement, the end of the old year and opening of the new is a timely place for reflection on your journey and for making plans for the future.

A roadmap for the year ahead will help you plot your course. If you intend to move into uncharted territory and go where you haven’t been before, you’ll want to ensure you know not only where you are going, but you will want to take the route that will best get you there. It’s also a good idea to understand where you’re coming from and how far you have progressed as you move toward your ultimate destination.

The lessons of where you’ve been will provide valuable insight into best practices for moving your life forward. When putting your success plan together for the...

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Old School Prospecting in the Digital Age

sales tactics May 27, 2018

I came home from work a couple of months ago to find a gift on my doorstep. A local Realtor had been canvassing the neighborhood and left a notepad and magnet with the local baseball team’s 2018 schedule on my front porch. I’ve been the recipient of so many of these marketing gestures over the years and every time one arrives unbidden, I wonder where this kind of old school prospecting tactic fits into our digital age.

Old School Tactics Image for Blog 1 e1513540032803 300x213 - Using Old School Prospecting Tactics in a Digital Age

I’m curious to know how much success this realtor has seen with his doorstep gifting program. What’s the ROI when you pelt every home on the block with your smiling face on a notepad? I’ve lived in my current neighborhood for over two years and not a single house on our street have been put up for sale. The few houses in the area that have gone on market have not featured this gentleman’s face on the For Sale sign out front.

The Realtor notepad arrived over two months ago, and there have been no further gifts, mailings, or other...

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Struggling to Reach Your Goals? This May Be What’s Holding You Back

personal development May 27, 2018

You’re working so hard to achieve your goals, but no matter what how hard you work or how focused you are, you just can’t seem to cross the finish line.

You made a commitment to your success. You listen to podcasts, read books, and have attended a seminar or two. You’re super smart and know all the commonsense moves that will get you there. In short, you know what to do. So why are you struggling?

Meet Your Competing Commitments:

On the surface you understand what it takes to succeed. If you’re stuck, something deeper could be holding you back.

My first experience with competing commitments was in my master’s program at JFK University. I took a class called The Challenge of Change that explored barriers to change and techniques to move beyond those barriers and achieve success. A competing commitment is an underlying fear or undesirable outcome that can accompany any change you want to make (even a positive one). When you harbor a competing commitment,...

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