About Kimberly Lynne

Kimberly Lynne Sarros is a Sales and Management leader who works with individuals one conversation at a time, to help them discover success by tapping into their potential. After more than two decades in marketing and sales leadership roles, as well as owning her own successful company, Kimberly understands the factors that lead to growth and achievement.

Kimberly has worked in a variety of business environments from start-ups, to turnarounds, to Fortune 500 tech companies. She has been recognized for growing successful teams and has won multiple awards and promotions during her tenure. 

Kimberly has a degree in Business Management, as well as a Master’s degree in Holistic Health Education with a focus on coaching and personal development. Her diverse education and career background has led her to understand that every aspect of business and personal growth are intricately connected to one another and that sustainable achievement comes through a holistic approach to success.


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